Death to Neopets

Death to Neopets

An blue Kacheek dies by fire

Death to Neopets is a fan-made video made by fuddgey, this video marks the death of a blue Kacheek.

The pastaEdit

An blue Kacheek is very happy and wants to have a perfect life, but a group of humans boys burned the blue Kacheek by lighting a fire and at the end, the blue Kacheek is sent to hell fire and he died.

After his death, he turned into a ghost to haunt everyone who known him, and later, a red Scorchio tells the story to his son is terrified by a ghost Kacheek and screaming too loud, he hides with his son to his wardrobe. But the ghost Kacheek is everywhere, the red Scorchio tried to communicate the ghost Kacheek and the latter said "THE BOYS ARE BURNED ME TO DEATH! I WAS VERY SCARED AND IT'S DANGEROUS!" the ghost Kacheek was crying, his old body is gone. The red Scorchio helps him to find a new body, the ghost Kacheek enters into the body of a robot Kacheek.