Halloween scorchio by my5cookies-d3axomm

Brian after he turned into a Halloween Monster.

Poltegeist Scorchio is an fan-made lost episode of Neopets. This episode features Brian the Scorchio who has been almost killed by a meteor before his match.

The pastaEdit

I am an fan of Neopets, my favorite Neopet is Scorchio, a dragon. I checked on NeoColours when the Neopets can be painted. For Brian, it's different, Brian was sign up to a Gormball and he was excited to play Gormball in Space Station. After a meteor almost costed his life. Brian who, really injured is turned into a Halloween monster, his red skin is turned grey, his black hair appears on his head, a black hat appears on his head, the gravekeeper clothes appear on Brian, his green eyes are turned into a orange-yellow for a scary look, a stick cane with a skull appear on Brian's hand, his wings are turned grey and darker, his teeth are turned into a Razorsharp like Sonic.exe.

Brian check on a mirror and he screaming too loud. He loses his good side, the black coat appears on his hands, he has the claws, he was turned into a scary monster with his evil look, he stares at his friends souls are turn his friends into zombies by hypnotizing them.

"HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! You cannot escape from me?"

Brian laughing maniacly with his Razorsharp teeth, he possess dark power with his hand, he has an mental illness.

"It's easy for you!"

Brian finally understands to play Gormball with his friends.