WWE All Stars (Dark Version) is fan-made haunted game made by someone that THQ, some people said it's hacked, glitchy or created by a stranger.


The Undertaker

The pastaEdit

I love watched WWE Smackdown in every friday, the match tell that the Wrestler training to become champions, my favorite Wrestler is The Undertaker.

When i was out of my house, i found a copy of WWE All Stars called "ALL STARS" and there's a image of The Undertaker. I was very excited to play in my xbox360. When i opened my xbox360, i connected my Avatar, the message of the game was writed "PLAY ALL STARS" and i clicked.

When the game started the THQ was here and after a taste of blood appears after the THQ. When the main menu started, the 2011 THQ was covered of full bloods and a message in WWE All Stars "PRESS START BUTTON" and i was in main menu, and later, i saw The Undertaker on Main Menu. I clicked on "EXHIBITION" and "SINGLE MATCH WITH NO MANAGER" and i selected The Undertaker and from his opponent was Big Show.

When the match begins, all fans are covered of bloods and their eyes are completly red, when i beat Big Show i used "LAST RIDE" to have victory, after a cut scene a message appears.

"Come play with me, my child!" and after another message appears "Come play with us!". After, this time it's the "HELL IN A CELL MATCH" when all the fans are dead and the cage cell is covered of full bloods. The Undertaker is not really nervous, but very scared. After that there's Bret Hart who posed in the turnbuckle. When i defeated Bret Hart, another message appears.

"Come join with us!" after, a message appears "Keep this interesting for you, Caro!" after that, i removed this disc and i telled to the guy in the store that the game is hacked and created by a unkwown stranger who find this copy, i decided to keep it to make a collection.